Jeevan K.C. Gallery

Jeevan K.C.

Born in Lalitpur, Nepal
Working in Birgunj, Nepal


Though I work on realism, I always used to be attracted towards those beautiful, colorful, contrast full, and bright objects, surroundings, situation and places which has got no bondages of being limited in some given name, definition and meaning but looks beautiful, as well attracts and touches ones heart. I put my maximum effort and work heard, for the same characteristic to create and reflect in my work. Figure and shapeless, wide, vivid, barriers and limit less use of color, completely free and boundless concept, purely unique and new, like that fresh flower which has never been discovered before, which yet not had been named and limited in definition, has got no group and family, totally raw, new and different in shape, size, color, look theme, concept, and interpretation. Even then the beauty, purity, innocence and freshness of it, touches once heart, which is my dream and attempt of creation.

I don’t know how much my attempt could explore and bring out myself to match my work with but I say as well as wish, if my effort could have been succeeded to do so a little or convey or communicate the same to any, in any amount, I will be proud enough, to fill the bloom of success in my deep heart. 


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