Dear Jeevan:

I just saw your site as well as your paintings. There are magnificent & colorful; how much time you dedicate for each one in average? I'm inclined to the details.
I hope you continue painting, and keep me in your mailing list. Are you selling much by publishing them in "Eye of the Art"? Did you subscribe already, or just in the trying phase.
I added your site to my "favorite File" so I could visit it some time again.
To see my full collection you could go to because I'm not going to continue in the "Eye of the Art" much longer.

Sincerely: Benito Alonso

Benito Alonso is a New York based artist. He was born in
Santurce, Puerto Rico. Benito discovered his artistic abilities
at age 7 and continued drawing throughout his youth.
In school, Benito took up the profession of Architectural
Drafting and Design and worked in this for 39 years. He
always continued his art although seriously began portrait
painting in 1989. Mr. Alonso has had several showings of
art including the Washington Square Art Show, the Atrium
at 57-58th and Park Avenue and the DC 37 Council's
Hispanic Heritage Month art show and at the "Frederick
Douglass Academy"

Benito Alonso has that Latin flair of appreciation for the
human form and the Caribbean appreciation for nature's
beauty as depicted in many of his portrait and scenery
Mr. Alonso considers himself an Artist Plastic Surgeon, who
is able to correct or refine any unwanted imperfections in his
portrait of full body artwork. He works from a clear photo
so there are no uncomfortable hours of posing.
His work clearly demonstrates the combination of his
architectural and artistic ability seen in the super-detailed
stroke of hair and facial features. This combination of art
and detail make his portraits uncannily lifelike and endears
the individual for generations to come.