Dear artist,

I visited your website, and I really admired most of your work. You got these feelings coming out throw your paintings which inspired me in a way to discover another field of painting which is Digital Panting, know I will
start to learn more about it, Thank to you.

Your paintings are strong, meaningful, died but alive at the same time it
gives the feeling of getting into it...

good work and keep it up...

thank you
Noora Ramah

  Simply my art is representation of our inner feelings which we donít show often. Itís about our internal anger, sadness, hate, love and happiness.

Art to me means expression of the world we live in, and of what we see and experience. The purpose of my art is to provide, if somewhat indirect, glimpse into that clear and brilliant world of unreality which could be real in my art. To the extent that these prints help showing that way, is the extent to which these images succeed.
I donít use shapes or figures in all my paintings and pieces of art. I just let the combinations of colors and strokes talk about what I feel and create the whole image of the story which I am trying to represent.

In the past year, my work has developed from simple printmaking methods to a more advanced level of meaning. I realized by working hard and trying to find new techniques with whatís surrounding me from nature and normal basic life needs; is that I was trying to achieve acceptance from people. I wanted people to approve the way I represent my inner thoughts is such society.

I believe good art stimulates the imagination of creating a new world on a surface of metal, wood or even a piece of paper it doesnít matter, as long as there is an idea behind it and that is what I am trying to do....