Hello Jeevan,

I looked at the art……..

The pieces I like the best are the ones that are very abstract,
having almost a Picasso feel to them………..

I sense that you have a passion for art, which is of course the
most important quality……..

The abstract pieces make a strong statement and I think your would be quite successful
in this area,……….

Gale Franey
Vancouver, Canada

    website: www.thegraphicgroove.com
digital art blog: www.galefraney.wordpress.com
gallery: www.galefra.deviantart.com/gallery

My name is Gale Franey. I am a digital artist living in Vancouver, Canada. I have been creating digital art, taking digital photography and using Photoshop for the past 5 years. I live and breathe Photoshop and also love Flash and all other varieties of animation. I would love to learn Maya, but there never seems to be enough time in a day, especially since I am currently a full time student, taking a course in New Media CD Rom and Web Development. I am also working on a series of digital illustrations for a children’s book series.

My main website is: http://www.thegraphicgroove.com There you can view my full digital art gallery, Photoshop tutorials, Flash animations, etc. For more extensive information about my background http://www.thegraphicgroove.com/Graphics_Pages/About.htm

You can also visit my other galleries on deviantart
and on Flicker

Gale Franey - An awesome artist...


I recently just came across artist Gale Franey on Flickr. She certainly has talent and her art work is beyond words. Apparently she teaches digital art in British Columbia and also illustrates children's books...