Hello Jeevan,

I saw your website and really impressed. U are painting both modern and traditional. Nepal is a beautiful country and nature provides lots of sights to fill your canvas……

Your paintings are nice. Keep it up.

Usha Rai.

  I am K.Usha P.Rai,62,native of Udupi,Karnataka State in India. I presently reside in Bangalore with my husband, B.A.Prabhakar Rai. I am blessed with two sons and a grand son. My husband and I are both creative writers in Kannada and Tulu languages. Both of us are retired now.

In 2005 we met with a serious road accident and we were confined to bed for nearly six months. By Gods grace we survived though there are some physical disabilities.

After the accident I took up painting seriously and that has helped me to overcome the mental trauma of the accident. I get immense satisfaction from painting. I like to paint sceneries, flowers, ruins of history, people of India, and Gods of India.

Being a creative writer, I have published 7 novels, 2 short story collections, 3 collections of poems, 1 travelogue, 2 collections of essays and edited 12 books. I have got accolades for my writings and have been presented with awards in my state.

Now I want to continue being creative, though not
with the pen but with the brush. Even though I am 62, I still think I have enough energy and enthusiasm left in me to create good artwork.

Before the accident I was involved with social service activities. One part of the sale proceeds of my paintings will go for the education of the poor