Your paintings are too good much more talent than I and I cant give you any inspiration except your vision out weighs mine when it comes to interpretations and much beauty in your paintings, I loved them good luck


    I have always been a bit of a loner i turned my attention to art when i was 7 by the time i was 10 i could copy cartoon drawing to perfection,and decided i wanted to be a commercial artist so i did two years night tech when i was 14 and was a qualified sign writer at sixteen Unfortunetly mother had other ideas and i ended up working in a milkbar at 15, then by the time i was 19 i was running a photo lab and was concidered one of their best colour printers I became very passionate about the things i loved most,animals and nature ,though i left the business when i was 24 Never to return so i said and i didnt for 20 years. recently teamed up with an old school mate Who also had the same passions and it is he that has awoken this sleeping fairy where as NOW when i take photos i can really see them ,its like a sexual awakening for me ,im a bit of a late bloomer i guess and im discovering my own true sexuality as well. I do hope that you you stay with me on my journey as the storm has now passed and watch me blossom ,.THE REAL ME ;is very kind never cruel to animals ,i will always stick up for the underdog.I will act like i trust you but i dont ,i detest liars and cannot forgive you for it (though god says i should) I hate greedy people,And if you do not like animals i wont like you.Im a very complex person yet simple too so im even looking forward to see what unfolds from here on for me .I learnt photography back in the old days of film and black & white and was also called on for touch up work on old photos i used a Canon Av1 back then (& still have it packed away somewhere) .I have had absolutely no training since returning as everything is now digital of course so im completely self taught and that includes this computor which i have only been using since November 2006 ,I also thank God And the Angels that the horrors in my life never come out in my work, and it only proves to me that no matter what happens to you in life nobody can break your Spirit.I also find it very odd (and i only noticed yesterday is that ;people say that im a very vibrant and happy person ,yet i dont wear bright clothes im very earthy & neutral,yet i have noticed that my pictures are very colourful.My man says its my bright personality shinning through.i giggled!.Visit My Website www.itsallgoodamanda.com